So, I was perusing FoodGawker the other day trying to find a new recipe or two, and low and behold I come to find out Harry Potter mania has taken over the site!  I’m a huge Harry Potter freak, so this came as a very happy surprise.  Check out a few of my favorite Potter-related food items perfect for a pre or post Deathly Hallows pt.2 movie party!


First up are Snitch cake pops made with Butterbeer cake batter! via amybites

Snitch Cake Pops

(click pic for recipe)

Then we have some adorable looking cauldron cakes! via the pastry affair


(click pic for recipe)


Now how about something to rot the kid’s teeth?  I don’t think I could handle these, but I’m sure the under 10 crowd can! via the pastry affair



(click pic for recipe)


Finally, let’s wash all those treats down with some delicious Butterbeer! via bakingdom


(click pic for recipe)



Well, hopefully that will help you kickstart a super fun Harry Potter Party!  Enjoy and I can’t wait to see the movie!

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