Um…March already?!  Geez!  February went lightening fast!  Well, I would love to have you join me next month.  Sponsoring is oh so easy with Passionfruit ads!  I have all sizes available so if you are interested in a spot you can visit my sponsor page and get all set up. I am using Passionfruit Ads so you can purchase your spot at anytime and it will go up on my blog as soon as it is approved. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Ahoy matey!  After such a warm reception of the last freebie post, I decided to switch gears and offer up some adorable nautical images!  I hope you love them!


.jpg .png


.jpg .png


.jpg .png

Also, I am accepting sponsors for next month!  If you would like to join me, I would be thrilled!  Check out all the information here.

I was asked to make a few fairy dust necklaces for a little girl’s birthday party, so I figured I would do a quick update on the original, showing these brand new colors!  I will always be a fan of the original colors, but I’m also loving these fun bright colors for spring!


Glitter from here.

Vials from here.

Brushed bronze screw eyes from here.

I dab a bit of super glue on the cork to make sure it stays, especially if little girls are going to be pulling at it!

(Can you believe each necklace is under $2?!)


Final step is adding the chain and off these go to their new wish fulfilling homes!  What do you think of the new colors?



I am so pleased to be able to share with you a company that I have been passionate about for quite some time.  Scoutmob is known for offering amazing deals on all your local haunts, but they have recently expanded to bring the idea of shopping local right to your computer!  Shoppe lets you buy the best of handmade local goods while you wear those footy pajamas I know you have!  I try and shop locally whenever I have the opportunity, and  it feels so good to be able to support craftsmen, artists and small businesses right in my neighborhood!

Let’s get to the important point.  How amazing are these goods?!  Seriously.  If anyone would love to buy me a present, take your pick from above!  I have had my eye on the Piebox forever, and that unicorn poster is hilarious perfection.  I’ve already picked out the perfect place for that beautiful home print as well.  Sigh

Check out the video below to get an understanding of how truly cool the Shoppe is.

Well it has been a while hasn’t it?!  I had lost my wonderful vintage advertising book in a recent move, and luckily, I happened upon it last weekend!  I recently got an email from a reader asking if I could include farm animals in my next freebie post, so I am dedicating this one to her!  If you have any requests, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to come up with something!  As always, please read the Terms of Use before downloading, and click here to see past image freebies!

Sheep01.jpg .png


.jpg .png


.jpg .png


.jpg .png

I hope you love them, and please let me know if you use the images, I always enjoy seeing how creative you all are!

One of my absolute favorite things in the whole world is letterpress paper ephemera.  I find it to be such a beautiful art form.  In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get a faux letterpress effect using Photoshop!  As always, I am using Photoshop CS4 on a Windows machine for this tutorial.

Final Result:



Step 1:

Create the design you want to make with the letterpress-esque effect.  I started with this image for this tutorial.


Step 2: 

Double click on the “background” layer so that the Layer Style palette opens.  Select the “Gradient Overlay” style and set Blend Mode to “multiply”, opacity to 30%, Angle to 125 degrees and click “OK”.


Step 3:

Now select Layer Style, Pattern Overlay. Set the Opacity to 10% and for the pattern, I chose a canvas style.  You can download something similar here.


Step 4:

While still working in the “background” layer, on the menu bar select Filter>Noise>Add Noise.  Set Amount to 3, Distribution to Gaussian and check the Monochromatic section.  Click “OK”.


Step 5:

Now select your font layer.  Double click the font layer and click on Drop Shadow.  Under Blend Mode select “Screen”, set the Opacity to 30%, the Distance to 1px and Spread/Size both to 0px.


Step 6:

Now we are going to do the same thing to each layer, but this time under the Inner Shadow setting.  Set the Opacity to 20%, Distance to 2px, Choke to 0px and Size to 1px.  Click “Ok”.


Step 7:

Once again we are doing the same thing under the Gradient Overlay style.  Select Blend Mode to “Overlay”, Opacity to 10% and Angle to 90 degrees.  Click “Ok”.


Step 8:

For our final layer style, select Pattern Overlay.  Set Opacity to 5% and select the canvas pattern you used for the background in Step 3.


Step 9: 

Now if you have multiple layers like I did, you don’t have to recreate the layer styles multiple times.  Instead, all you need to do is right click on the already completed layer and select “Copy Layer Style” then right click on the layers that need the same effect.  Finally select “Paste Layer Style”.

Here is the final product:


I hope you love this tutorial!  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

Fonts Used:

Wisdom Script


Revolver Image from here

Oh!  And the winner of the Brownie Camera giveaway was Kristie Dinh!  Congratulations, your camera is on its way!

I thought I would update you all with my hand lettering practice.  I am really enjoying it, and find it to be very therapeutic.   I still have a long way to go, and I have a terrible shaky hand issue to fix, but besides that, I’m pretty pleased!  If you would like to see practice #1, click here.


Micron Pens

Moleskine Graph Paper Notebook






Feel free to follow along with my Instagram feed for more lettering practice!


I am so completely excited to announce a little project I have been working on lately! Recently I have started making custom colored Kodak Brownie Hawkeye cameras!  So, to celebrate the start of this new venture, I am going to be giving away one!  The lucky winner will receive a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye in the color of their choice.




Required Entry:

Be a follower of this blog via Bloglovin’ or RSS and leave a comment letting me know what color you would pick! (Please include a way to contact you)

Bonus Entries: (Leave a separate comment for each entry)

Repost this giveaway on either IG / Tumblr / FB / Blog / Pinterest

“Favorite” Gallymogger Oddities on Etsy

Tweet the following: “I just entered to win a custom Brownie camera on @LexyLevin blog www.lexylevin.com!  I hope I win!”

Fine Print: Contest is open until Sunday, February 10th at 12:00AM and is open to all US readers (sorry, stupid international shipping is just so high!)